Why podcasts are better than books. - Alexander T. T.
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Why podcasts are better than books.

If you are like me, chances are you didn’t enjoy reading much as a child. Not only did schools force us to read boring books, but just the fact that I “had to” do it put me off the whole thing. Consequently my parents used to label me as someone, who refuses to learn anything new. Mum and Dad… you were wrong. Reading books is not the only way to learn. There are lots of highly educational videos and podcasts, which are in some cases better than books.

Here is why I think they can be better.

Reason 1: You just might be the sort of person, who absorbs information much more efficiently through visual or audible stimuli. It’s that simple.

Reason 2: You can’t read books while, driving, travelling, working out or cleaning the house, but you can listen to podcasts. This is can be a highly productive use of your time. Especially if you used to listen to music during those activities.

Reason 3: Podcasts usually involve discussions, which means they cover topics from many angles. A book usually gives you just the author’s views.

So why are podcasts in particular so good?

Well, listening is something we have been doing for thousands of years, while we have only been reading for the last 500 or so years. This means that most people are much better adapted to listening, than to reading- information is absorbed at a much higher bandwidth (speed).

Podcasts, also offer very in-depth discussions on complicated topics. Most podcasts last longer than 1 hour and this gives the participants time to dissect topics and cover multiple viewpoints. This is not possible on a 10-15 video or 30 min radio show.

Some podcasts are much more akin to lectures, but ones you can listen to whenever or wherever is convenient for you. Whatever you field of interest is, there is most likely a podcast that covers it.

I am of the opinion that anyone who wants to achieve their goals (whatever they may be) must incorporate listening to such long form audio. Think of the knowledge you could acquire under the shower, while cooking or while doing any other activity that leaves your ears free to listen.

I personally listen to and recommend the following podcasts:

Tim Ferriss Show, Joe Rogan Experience, Gary Vee podcast, Tony Robbins podcast, Robin Sharma podcast.

While most of these are very business and personal development oriented, you can easily find ones in your area of interest.

Let me know if you have any recommendations.

Alex T. T.
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