Too much choice is a bad thing. - Alexander T. T.
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Too much choice is a bad thing.

Choices, soooo many choices and so many options. New phone, new car, new anything? Plenty of brands and things to choose from. We seem to be so swarmed by possibilities that sometime it is difficult to make the “best” choice. Sometimes having so many options is a bad thing and my opinion is that this is impacting millennials in a negative way. While it is easy to dismiss younger generations as indecisive, there may be a deeper rooted problem.

There seems to me be a similar parallel in picking a life/career path. Young people nowadays have endless possibilities to make something of themselves and this seems to be creating a problem no one anticipated.

What changed?

Back in the days of our parents and grand parents, life and career options weren’t plentiful. You could be a farmer, small business owner, mechanic, factory worker and maybe a few others. If you were from a wealthy family you had the option to be a doctor, lawyer or maybe a banker. Where you were born and where you were from pretty much narrowed down your life options to but a few simple choices.

Nowadays through globalization and technology, options are plentiful. Careers and lives have been “democratized”. People just can’t make a choice, because they want it to be the best one for them. At the same time they can’t know, which one is the best one for them, since they haven’t tried many others. If you do happen to make a choice, you are stuck in an endless circle of “what if” scenarios. What if there was a better one?

Stuck in Limbo.

And so it seems to be that some of us are at an impasse. A paradox of sorts.

  • I make a choice. (working a certain job or living in a certain place/city)
  • I see all the other possibilities and options that are available.
  • At some point I start questioning whether this is the best choice/fit for me.
  • I change my opinion and do something else/start over.

Obviously this happens because we want the best for ourselves. The best way to reach our potential and be the happiest. However we can never be sure, which option is “the best”. That leads to hesitation and switching too often.

We all know that if we don’t spend a lot of time perfecting our craft (or particular thing we are trying to do), we will never find success in it. So you can see why this perpetual cycle of starting over can be harmful to our success and happiness levels.

A final choice?

At some point we need to pick something and stick with it. Say “this is it” and “pick our poison”. Because otherwise it may lead to an unfulfilled life of trying everything and never being good at anything. If you like that, go ahead. However, most of us want to build for success and most often that happens from gaining deeper understanding of a certain topic/area/business through years of focusing on it.

Therefore we should make a choice, be content with it and work on it throughout most of our lives. We can never be sure if it is the best one, but we should make it our own. Obviously, careers change and life flows, but if you find something you like, stick to it. Don’t switch only because you think there is something better. In time, as we build, something we like turns into something we love, when we grow to truly understand it.

As I am coming to understand, true freedom seems to come from committing to something, rather than wasting energy in all directions.

Actionable thoughts.

If you are in your twenties it makes sense to try many things, keep options open. However, sooner or later we need to think about picking a life/career path, even if it might not be the absolute best. A good option is better than not picking at all and being stuck at a crossroads.

And if you like living openly, switching careers, moving places, who are we to judge? You do you. Enjoy it!

Whatever your choice is, complete freedom or commitment. Suck it up and stop complaining, because you can’t have it both ways. Pick your poison and own it.

Alex T. T.
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