The Economic Conspiracy of COVID-19 - Alexander T. T.
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"I always tried to turn every disaster into an opportunity" John D. Rockefeller

— The Economic Conspiracy of COVID-19

Conspiracies, conspiracies everywhere! I think I’ll throw in my 2 cents as well, because the internet doesn’t have enough opinions out there.

So far, I’ve seen everything from ranging from “This is the grand plan of the new world order” to “just a natural blight the Earth randomly made up to curb population”. From “reptilians taking over the world with the coronavirus” to “this shit doesn’t matter or hurt and we shouldn’t be scared”.


As usual I tend to stand in the middle. Here we go.


  • No, Covid-19 is not a bio-weapon and it’s not human engineered. If it were, it would have a much higher death rate and would target younger people (those that are in fighting age). Evidence seems to suggest that the structure of the virus cell is much more closely related to viruses that infect bats, rather than humans. If someone was making a bio-weapon, wouldn’t it make sense to use a virus that is known to infect humans, rather than bats and pangolins?
  • No, the US did not secretly infect people in China to disrupt their economy. Anyone smart enough to intentionally and secretly infect the Chinese is also smart enough to figure out that sooner or later the virus will reach US soil. Even if it didn’t, the effect on the Chinese economy will ripple across the globe, also damaging US interests and business. So, it doesn’t make sense that the US would risk hurting their economy or interest.
  • Evidence seems to suggest that the virus originated from a particular Chinese wet market (most of the original patients visited it). If you have been to one of those markets you would understand why. They are horribly unsanitary and contain thousands of animal species (alive or dead) sold for food. Cages of different animals stacked on top of each other. Basically, a perfect petri dish for a species jumping virus.
  • Yes, it is likely that the situation is used by some for political or monetary gain. Even if the virus is natural, as is my hypothesis, there are plenty of opportunistic people and organizations that would gladly take advantage of “a perfect storm”. This is when the conspiracy plot thickens.


Let’s take a look at the economy as an example.


Normally economic cycles between bull (growth) & bear (decline) periods are around 10 years. It’s been around 11 years since 2009 and we are due for another recession. A lot of people know this and have been expecting it for a few years now.

A lot of very powerful people also know that a lot of money is made in recessions, if you have the right knowledge and cash. Once a recession hits, a lot of companies become cheap. In the current case it’s travel and tourism related companies. An opportunist with a lot of cash can scoop up an airline or logistics company for about 1/3 of what it is normally worth.

So, you see, if you are a multi-millionaire/billionaire that has a lot of extra cash it would make sense that you could use your influence to “nudge” the situation into a recession. People know it’s coming anyway. You’ll just give them a good reason to actually start it (in a controlled by you moment). So, I don’t think the panic created in the media is entirely without influence. Not to mention that media companies are making a lot of money right now, because their viewership has blown up with people trying to stay informed about the virus.

Microsoft has a cash pile of around $136 billion, Apple – $210 billion, Berkshire Hathaway – $128 billion. That’s a lot of cash sitting around, doing nothing, waiting for a moment like this to be invested. I’m not saying Bill Gates, Tim Cook or Warren Buffet are evil reptilians that engineered this whole thing, certainly not, that’s too far-fetched. What I am saying is that the rich and powerful have been waiting and preparing for this moment and will take advantage of it. Some of them, might have helped slightly to stir some additional tension.


Simple is better.


I’ve had the privilege to work in business at a very high level, I’ve met a lot of very wealthy people. I have some general knowledge of how the “elite” thinks. And making complicated plans to overthrow the world is not one of them. Why? It’s very simple. Quite literally. No complicated plan in the business world can ever come to fruition, there are too many variables. Simple is better, because there is less room for it to fail. So, when I hear a highly complex and “deep” economic conspiracy I’m more likely to dismiss it as mumbo-jumbo. The elites are very practical, they know that whether it’s a marketing campaign, organizational structure, business proposal or any action plan, simple is always better. Easier to execute, less likely to fail.

Consider this. If you were making a business plan or a “conspiracy” plan, you would need investors. People who will buy into your idea and help you make it happen. Now your plan obviously needs to be well thought out and you need to sell it well to your investors. Let’s imagine you are pitching your evil plan to other evil people and they notice that it is very complicated. Create a virus, unleash it on China without being found out, make sure a virus (which can mutate) does exactly what you intend, stir panic, crash markets, make sure all fail-safe mechanisms around the world fail, steal from the poor and get richer. What if it turns around and bites you and you become infected from your own virus? Not very smart. Too many steps where it can go wrong. Unlikely that your investors will believe that you can pull this one off.

And then there is scenario B. You are an evil guy with lots of cash. You sit around doing evil reptilian things, trying to overthrow governments and what not. Suddenly you hear of this very contagious virus that happened to appear out of nowhere in China. You get your evil buddies together and you invent a simple plan. You know markets are looking for a reason to go haywire and you know you can give them one with the power of media. Like the Joker says – “Madness is like gravity, all it takes is a little push”. And push they did.


Summing up.


Then again, this is just an opinion. I don’t think anyone truly understands what is going on. No one can see the whole and complete picture, because we are only human and we are limited beings. Yes, even the elites. And I know what you might say – No, elites are not human they are inter-dimensional aliens. Kudos to them. Let’s say I believe you, but at the end of the day their underlings are human and when you are dealing with humans anything can go wrong. So, I doubt there is any ultimate grand plan of the new world order. Just too complicated, unlikely to succeed.

What elites are masters of, however, is knowing how to take advantage of an opportunity. And opportunities they are a plenty in today’s fast moving and turbulent world.


“I always tried to turn every disaster into an opportunity” John D. Rockefeller.



Alex T. T.
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