Perfectionism is a disease. - Alexander T. T.
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Perfectionism is a disease.

It seems a lot of people are proud to call themselves a perfectionist. Myself included, I used to say it with pride. I noticed, however, that it is much more a negative quality, than a positive one. Perfectionism hinders us severely.

Perfectionism is an excuse.

An excuse to be so buried in the details, that you never take care of what actually matters and moves you forward. Perfectionism is busywork.

An excuse to never actually start. Because your writing is not good enough, your website is buggy, you can’t think of the perfect brand name, you want to make amazing videos, but have never edited before.

An excuse to never actually finish and present the final product of your work to the world. It might fail and failure is scary… especially when it’s public.

Perfectionism is a curse.

It slowly wears you down, stresses you out over insignificant details, drains your mental power and distracts you. We waste so much energy being perfectionists.

We only have so few fucks to give on a certain day. Why give a fuck about the color of the font in your presentation, rather than the content itself?

Perfectionism causes stress, anxiety, even depression. You can’t be perfect, its just a simple fact. We all seem to understand that, but yet few of us truly do.

Fixing it.

Just start. Just do. Learn in the process and improve incrementally. Perfection is unattainable anyway. What truly matters are the small steps toward meaningful and significant improvement.

Don’t get buried in so much detail that you lose focus of what matters. We only have a limited amount of daily mental power. Use it for the right things, not the silly details.

Letting go of perfectionism lifts a huge load of my chest. It is empowering and It allows me to do so much more. It allows me to work, train, live without the burden of having to think about every possible hindrance.

Try it sometime. Give yourself one perfection free day. See what happens.



Alex T. T.
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