My obsession with cars. - Alexander T. T.
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My obsession with cars.

I’m a little kid on the inside. Cars are the best! That about sums it up. Done and dusted!

In all seriousness even I question myself on where the love of everything automotive comes from. I can’t seem to find an explanation. It’s just there and I’ve accepted that.

Once upon a time.

It all began when I was a wee lad (as a Scotsman would say). I was playing with toy cars, making exhaust noises and could tell a cars brand by it’s engine sound. I would drive my father mad trying to convince him to let me steer his car (an old W124 Mercedes at that point). Sometimes he would sit me up on his lap and let me pretend to steer, while he was holding the wheel. That was like the best thing that had happened to me at that point in my life.

Anyway, time flew by and I became a teenager. All I cared about was video games and my bike. The passion for cars became dormant somewhere deep in my mind. In the summer I would mostly go biking with friends, while in the winter I would play on the PC for up to 6-8 hours a day. Whenever I was not in school or studying, I was gaming. I had a couple of days where I hit 16 hours straight (which is obviously insane).

I would play the occasional racing game, but it wasn’t enough to re-ignite the passion. Really don’t know why, but I just forgot about everything I loved as a kid.

The revival.

So one lucky day I turned 18 and got my drivers license. Oh. my. fucking. god. It was the greatest thing that happened to me up to that point.

The freedom of being able to go anywhere I wanted, at any time. It felt like I was being born anew. Unlimited freedom. It was almost like I was flying. The first time I went to another city 2 hours away, I was ecstatic. We had done that trip many times before with my parents, but doing it by myself with my car was a whole different ball game. It felt amazing and I had never experienced such a great feeling of freedom before.

The dormant passion was revived in an explosion of emotions. Ever since then, cars are a constant and daily interest. I can’t stop looking at them and I can’t stop learning more about them. It’s gotten to a point where I walk in a dealership and know more than the salesman. It’s embarrassing for both of us.


The short answer? I don’t know. It’s just there and I can’t explain it.

I love the shape of cars, the noises they make, the way they smell, the way they make us feel. Everything about them. It doesn’t matter if it’s Italian, German, American, Japanese, old or new. If it has four wheels and a steering wheel I can find something to love about it.

Some of them are pieces of art that we can drive. It’s not just about point A to point B. It’s about the experience and the emotions they can invoke. For the uninitiated cars look different, but feel mostly the same. However, to the enthusiast each vehicle has a specific and very definite character.

Enthusiasts like me don’t just drive cars, we become one with them. The right car makes you feel a seamless part of it, especially if its a car you are familiar with. When I drive I sometimes feel so much of what each wheel is doing, its almost like it’s my own two legs. That extends to not only the corners of the car, but every moving component within it. I’m not claiming to be an amazing driver or anything. I think that to enjoy a vehicle you don’t have to be a racing driver. Just to love experiencing cars and sharing that passion with others.

Don’t even get me started on old / classic cars with history. If you go down that rabbit hole, there is no escape. Speaking of character, most classics take that term and turn it up to 11. They have quirks, break down, smell funny and still always make me smile. People on the streets love them and it always feels special to drive a classic. A lot of people would say classics provide an experience that modern cars just can’t match. I could see where they are coming from.

Sharing is caring.

One of the best parts of this passion is that there are so many people that share it. Taking road trips, sharing experiences, technical talk, racing, there is just so much to share and talk about. People who love cars come from all walks of life and some of the stories you can hear will blow your mind. I’ve met some amazing people thanks to cars and if you have an interesting vehicle people just want to talk to you.

The best part of having a cool car is sharing the experience with others, giving someone a ride or just talking about it. It’s astonishing how much of a positive impact it can have on people. You get thumbs up from passers by, people talk to you at gas stations and you get constant compliments from strangers. A cool car just elevates the mood and people are always interested in finding out more about it. If you happen to give some of those people a ride you will give someone one of the coolest and happiest experiences of their year! It’s amazing how positive it is!

To Summarize.

I don’t care if its weird, obsessive or damn right stupid. Cars are a big part of my life. If I love something, I will keep doing it. I suggest you do the same.

Alex T. T.
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