I am not an expert. - Alexander T. T.
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I am not an expert.

Just felt the need to clarify something about my content.

I am not an expert and I’m not here to give you advice on how you should or should not live your life. The point of this blog is not to pretend I am a special “guru” or “influencer”. I’m not a world class businessman, life coach, “influencer” or anything of the sort and my life is currently not very exceptional.

That being said, I still believe I can provide some amazing value in your life. Best of all, it’s completely free.

What’s the value in following my content then?

I can tell you what I hope it is:


  • Full honesty. This is something I think is lacking in our world, but I feel is very important.
  • A different twist on topics that are “common knowledge”. Things we know, but never really do. Finding ways of actually doing these “common” things.
  • My strategies and thoughts on living a more fulfilled life.
  • My amazing personality and smoking good looks. I’m kidding, obviously. 🙂
  • My random rambling may sometimes be entertaining.
  • And more to come.


The point is to record experiences, thoughts and document my journey through life. If you enjoy that, then I hope we can engage, debate, share perspectives and have a great time. If you don’t, why the fuck are you still reading this?

Alex T. T.
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