Failure = Success - Alexander T. T.
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Failure = Success

All our lives we are taught to avoid failure. In school we are scolded for failing and getting bad grades. Parents try to keep their children from failing in life. In sports and games some participants can be humiliated for failing. Our whole culture is based on the avoidance of failure.

If you don’t ever fail you are worth more, you are successful. However, not failing does not mean you will ever achieve success. Quite often it means the opposite. If you are not failing it means you are not trying new things and not risking enough to bring actual value in your life and succeed at what you are doing. So many dreams are never achieved because the dreamer is afraid he will fail and so he never even tries.

Failure is quite possibly the most effective way of learning.

The only way learning happens in nature is by trial and error. By failing. Yes, animals possess instincts that prevent them from avoiding major failures, but that’s a different matter entirely. Trial and error is so effective because it comes from your own experience. You might read or learn of someone’s errors, but you are much more likely to remember that lesson if that error is your own.

The only way to succeed is to fail. Fail a lot and fail often. Then get up and give absolutely no fucks about your failures. Failure is learning, failure is experience, failure is growing, and all of these things are prerequisites for success. Your failures in life define you much more than your successes. These are the times when you have to adapt, improvise, think differently or shift your perspective. Fear of failure is what is stopping you from growing. This fear has been implanted in us from an early age and this fear is keeping us from becoming the best version of ourselves.

I’ll give an example with myself. This writing thing I’ve started has a high chance of failure, but look at me giving it a go and giving 0 fucks. I have no clue what I’m doing, but I’m not afraid to make errors, make a fool of myself, learn and improve. Maybe someday something might come out of it. If not at least it will always be here as my diary.

So, what do we do about it?

So go out there and fail. Fail big and fail often. Fail with a plan, fail with an objective and fail forward. You are failing towards something, failing with a purpose. Fail until one day you understand why every single one mattered.

Alex T. T.
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