Evolution vs Revolution. A perspective on change. - Alexander T. T.
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Evolution vs Revolution. A perspective on change.

Everyone wants to change something about themselves or their lives. More often than not we try to make the change and we fail. Not for the lack of trying, but it just doesn’t stick. Ever wonder why that is?

Let’s look at some simple examples.

  • I want to look/feel better so I start eating better and working out.
  • I want to earn more so I start a side-gig.
  • I want to meet more people so I go out more.


Simple want, simple solution, right?

It always sounds easy on paper, but once you commit to something you find out that there is so much more to it, than expected. That’s when your grit will get tested. What I want to propose, however, does not concern grit.

An Example.

Let’s take the “getting fit”example and break it down for a second, so I can show you what I mean.

You will most likely try to find a meal plan. It will have a detailed breakdown of what you have to eat each meal, when you have to eat it, how many pieces to cut it into and all sorts of ridiculously detailed information that may or may not be actually helpful. There’s thousands of these plans online and each takes a completely different approach. Even if you finally manage to pick one. The regime is so inflexible that at some point you will end up breaking it, and when you break it once or twice you will most likely give up on it entirely. If you are one of those people that never gives up, good on you. However, for most people facing too many challenges at once will probably discourage them quite a bit and they will probably end up quitting at some point.

This complexity is without even touching the subject of “working out”, which can get very complex with many different types and lengths of workouts, exercises, set & rep numbers, cardio, etc.

The Proposition.

We often think of change in our lives sort of like a revolution. “I will transform and be better starting tomorrow”. There are very few people who can handle all of the new information required to make a revolutionary change in yourself so fast.

I propose you should think of change as an evolution towards something. Make it small, make it simple and invisible at first. Enough with the delusions of grandiose transformations, revolutions, metamorphosis that you will enforce upon yourself with the will of a god.

If you want to look better, don’t go on a diet. Take the small step of just stopping one type of food do that for a while and when you get comfortable stop another type, and then one more, etc, ad infinitum. You could stop bread first, or sweets, or alcohol. Once you get comfortable stop all of them at once. I guarantee you will see progress. Yes, it is slower and yes, it’s not fancy, but it works and it’s simple.

Then just go to the gym and do literally anything! The workout regime is irrelevant. Just go there and try out the machines, see how they feel. Get used to them, find the ones you like and make your own workout. After you get tired of that, get on the internet, pick something up and try it. Don’t get disheartened by all the options. DO SOMETHING SMALL, ANYTHING!

“One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”

Alex, why are you telling me stuff I already know?

Small steps, every day. We know this, it gets repeated everywhere. Yet so few people are actually doing it. Why? Probably because it’s not grandiose enough. When we think of change we always want it to be big, but that’s not really realistic. Change is subtle, small, daily, sometimes even invisible.┬áThe root of massive change over a lifetime is planted in the hours of the day. It’s those small, seemingly insignificant things that we do ever day over the course of a lifetime that will “topple the mountain”. This applies to literally anything in life.

So, what will your small steps be?

Alex T. T.
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