Don't try. - Alexander T. T.
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Don’t try.

Have you tried sometimes to be creative? Tried to be successful? Tried to do something that you know you should?

More often than not, the more you try to do something forcefully (i.e. be creative) the more it will evade you. If you are trying so hard to be happy, it most likely will elude you.

Charles Bukowski has a famous quote on his gravestone. It says “Don’t try”.

What did he mean? Why would you not try to be better, achieve something or find love?

If you know his story you are aware that for the majority of his life he was a massive failure of a writer. Success only found him at the end of his life. He never tried to be a great poet, in fact his horrendous anti-social behavior, alcoholism and antics were indicating quite the opposite.

However, writing was something he couldn’t live without. It flowed through him and found him everywhere in his life. It was a coping mechanism, it was inspiration, it was the default state. He didn’t try to be a poet, novelist or literary hero of some sort. It just came to him. He didn’t try, he just did it. It was natural, it was the only option.

If you try to care about something, try to do something or try to love someone perhaps you truly don’t.

As the great master jedi Yoda once said “Do or do not, there is no try”.

There should be no force, overthinking or trying to convince yourself. It should just come to you. If it comes naturally through you, to you our out of you almost as if you are not trying. Then perhaps it is worth pursuing.

Alex T. T.
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