COVID-19 Reactions - Alexander T. T.
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COVID-19 Reactions

  1. PANIC! We are all going to die.
  2. Wake up sheeple. It’s a conspiracy, bioweapon created to curb/control the public.
  3. Coronavirus, moron-a-virus. It’s bullshit and ya’ll are stupid. It won’t harm anyone.


I’m probably missing some, but those seem to me to be the main groups. And I’m just sitting here trying to make sense of all this, because it seems to me that no one knows what the fuck is going on.


  1. Panicking is only likely to cause more harm than good, and scrubbing your hands until they bleed will not prevent you from dying. Paranoid people are worsening the situation. Maybe we will die, most likely we will not. Either way there is not much to do other than calmly and collectedly taking the necessary measures.
  2. It’s a conspiracy. I mean, to these types of people whatever I say it won’t matter, because everything is a conspiracy. It’s just like religious dogma, it doesn’t have to make sense.
  3. “The virus doesn’t exist” type of response is almost as silly as the panicked response. Two extremes of the spectrum. One is careless the other is crazy. Even if there is a slight chance the virus is real, wouldn’t you like to protect your grandma from getting infected? Protect your relatives? You would feel awfully stupid if some of them were to die from your carelessness.


And do you know what is common between all of those types of responses? Including my short “analysis” of the situation?


Everyone thinks they know better than “all the other people”. Everyone thinks they are above the others, or their thinking is more “correct”. The truth, in my opinion is, all of them are correct to an extent.

  • Yes, there is reason to be worried and to protect yourself and others.
  • Yes, it is probably being exploited for political/economic gain by some.
  • Yes, we should not overreact and aim to think sensibly.

There is some validity to all types of thinking, especially if it can offer some type of a solution. Instead of calling your fellow man an idiot, hear him out, talk to him. Sit down and find a solution. We are all people, let’s help each other. Don’t just throw speculative opinions out there. What are you suggesting? Be practical.

I’m not a hypocrite, I know there is ego even in my thinking. But maybe my perspective will make you open your mind just a little bit. I’m just a guy trying to make sense of the situation. Don’t be quick to discredit your fellow man and don’t take your opinion to extremes, because that is when things can get really dangerous.

So, my message is this.

Just be human, help each other, whatever you think is happening. Don’t lock yourself into one perspective or way of thinking. Don’t call each other stupid and let’s all come out of this a little bit better as human beings. More understanding, more caring, more appreciative of the small things in life that we cannot enjoy right now.


Alex T. T.
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