Age is a choice. - Alexander T. T.
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Age is a choice.

I am probably gonna get a lot of shit for this, but here it goes. Yes, your lifespan and how old you look is mostly determined by genetics, but I believe we underestimate how much our choices impact aging as well.

Let me explain that I am talking about the concept of a biological age, not the chronological one. Meaning you may be 40, but have the body and fitness level of an average 35 year old.

There are two main factors that impact your biological age. Those are genetics & lifestyle.


The genetic factors are pretty clear. Some families have longer lifespans than others and that is just an observable fact. Your propensity to diseases and illness obviously also play a huge role in this. Genetics also determine your metabolic rate or how likely you are to gain weight. Being overweight also plays a role in longevity.

Therefore genetics are all the things we cannot control about ourselves that determine how long we may live or how young we look. This is how we are born and we cannot change it.


Moving on to the things we CAN change. 

Everyone knows that our lifestyle impacts our aging process and yet so few people live like they truly understand that. So many things are in this category. For example, the food we eat, how much we exercise, stress & happiness levels, alcohol & tobacco consumption. Your general attitude towards life and the challenges you face impacts a lot, even exposure to the sun & UV rays is a factor.

It seems to me that most of the factors contributing to our biological age are in our control, rather than outside of it. Why don’t we act like it is and live accordingly?

We most certainly can choose:

  • Our attitude towards life.
  • How we handle stress and if stressing out is worth it at all.
  • What we eat & how much we exercise.
  • How much we indulge in bad habits such as excessive alcohol & smoking.
  • The friends we keep.
  • How much we hold on to negative feelings.

And this is just scratching the surface! There are so many small choices that we make everyday that impact our aging. Most of those we don’t even notice!

Age is a choice.

If we assume that genetics play 50% and lifestyle is the other 50% of your biological age, then it means that half of how old we look/feel is up to our choices! That is absolutely huge! So if we wan to live happier and healthier lives, we better start acting like it. Our choices determine so much more than we can imagine. Take control and live better!

Alex T. T.
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