About - Alexander T. T.
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Who am I?

My name is Alexander Tsvetanov Tsvetanov (hence Alexander T.T.). I am a marketing professional, investor and entrepreneur and I am highly passionate about self-development. I have a wide range of hobbies and interests – from extreme sports to meditation and anything in between. This website is dedicated to recording my thoughts and journey through life. My hope is that you will find it interesting to read.


What will you find here?

My content is mainly about 3 things.

  • First and foremost self-development in all its aspects. Professional, personal, emotional and spiritual.
  • Lifestyle. The more casual and leisurely side of my posts. This is where you can find content from my plentiful and widely varied hobbies. It includes things like health & fitness, holidays, menswear, design and many others.
  • Business and investing. My intent is to show how these pursuits are closely related to personal development and growth.


What will my content give you?

I hope it will:

  • Provide ways and inspiration to start your own journey of self improvement.
  • Provoke your thought and hopefully give you a different perspective on common issues and questions. (Because the content that I share with you can sometimes be contrarian or controversial.)
  • Allow you to consider alternative viewpoints and keep an open mind. (Because we live in an age where social media makes it easy to surround yourself with people and organizations that view the world as you do.)
  • Show you a space where real, honest and truthful conversations can be had about meaningful topics.

My aim with this website is not to give out advice, provide “hype up” motivation or sell courses. That’s BS if you ask me.

Change, motivation and desire for improvement is something that comes from within. You must find your own way. It’s not something that I, or anyone else, can just give you.

I believe that a better world starts with better individuals. My hope is that I can play a small part in helping people become better individuals.

Why am I doing this?

Selfless reasons

Giving back

Providing value and helping others is, I think, one of the most meaningful things one can do. Often times people wonder what their legacy is and what impact they have had on the world. Even if my content has a positive impact on only a few people, that would mean a lot to me.


I think honesty and truthfulness are one of the greatest virtues we can have, but somehow I feel like they are becoming a lost art. More often than not are we bombarded with fake news, propaganda and deceit. I want my content to encourage people to be honest with themselves and those around them. Only then can true progress start.

Deeper discussion

Meaningful conversations and deeper discussions are often avoided because they are hard. It’s much easier to watch cheerful videos on Youtube, but if you want true progress in your life these conversations must be had. Hopefully I can provoke you to think more about the bigger picture of your life and discover your own deep and meaningful truths.

The things that educational systems rarely teach us

Ask any business owner or employer and they will tell you that soft skills or personal skills are most often more important than professional skills. Yet we are rarely taught these skills at school or university. Things like, emotional intelligence, communication, teamwork, intercultural relations may sound like unimportant clichés to some people. However, through my own experience I have found that these are the skills that most often lead organizations to success or failure. I believe society as a whole would greatly benefit if people are more engaged in developing themselves as an individual, rather than just focusing on professional knowledge. It’s a double sided coin.


Selfish reasons

This is part of my self-improvement journey.

I am starting this as a sort of open journal where I share my thoughts, experiences and opinions. These are things that go through my head daily and it is often a relief for me to write them down. This is my “mind dump” if you will.


I have found that I am not always accountable to myself about my goals. However, it is far more likely that I will achieve something if I am accountable to others. Making my goals and promises to myself public makes it much more likely that I will put extra effort into achieving them.

Personal Branding

My background is marketing and I know very well how powerful brands are. The same applies to personal brands and our digital age allows anyone to build theirs. A personal brand can be a very valuable tool in your professional toolkit. This is why I want to develop mine.


The point is to have something to look back on one day. Maybe this open journal is something my children or grandchildren might be interested in reading. A snippet of my life and who I am.

What is my life/work experience?

I’ve graduated university in the Netherlands and I currently work as a senior marketing manager in a large multinational company. In my free time I have started 2 businesses. One of them I recently sold (didn’t make millions, but I’m happy) and the other I currently operate.

One more thing…

I aim to create honest content and I’ll start here. It’s highly likely that you may not agree with me on everything, or that some of my post might be more emotional than others (profanity and cussing). If you don’t agree I will gladly hear you out and we can discuss. Just keep it respectful. We can cuss at the subject matter, but not at each other.

Anyway, I am writing this for myself and those who may enjoy it. If you find yourself getting pissed off at me too often you can just stop reading. I will not moderate my content to suit your liking or because you are offended.

Hope you enjoy!